Where’s George see where our Money goes:Video from Fast Company

Check your wallet or purse, please. How many dollar bills do have? Ever thought about where they might have been before now? You might not want to know the details, but seeing what city they have been in is a neat thing.

Well, thanks to Hank Eskin (LinkedIn) you can track your dollar bills through Where’s George. The data that Eskin is collecting is really intriguing, so much that a couple of smart guys decided to use techniques that escape most of us and make an awesome video about the flow of bills. Those really smart and creative guys are Christian Thiemann and Daniel Grady from Northwestern University. The webpage that outlines their work can be found at the Research on Complex Systems website.

Winners of the NSF/AAAS Visualization Challenge, they produced an engaging video to explain their project and animate the results. Tiny bills stretch out from county to county on a map of the contiguous United States. Some places, such as Los Angeles, California, have many bills passing through it from across the nation, while others, such as Anderson County in Tennessee – Grady’s home – have bills circulating mainly within a more local neighborhood. Shown here are images from the video.

The data from the Where’s George? project is in fact so pertinent that is also being used by researchers to predict the spread of flu across the United States.

Source http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/project.cfm?id=716

Geico YouTube Viral Video Campaign

Tonight I was checking my e-mail and on the ad bar I noticed this ad: Well, I am always up for a good Hysterical Video so I clicked it and was treated to this Video (Check out the Gecko in the background, and the ‘money you could be saving with Geico to the right). I [...]

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Dancing Around the World

Some of you might be familiar with Matt Lauer getting all the attention when he travels the World for the Today Show in a feature called Where in the World is Matt? But, some of you might not of hear of the other Matt. The ‘other Matt’ is a 31 year old programmer who decided [...]

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Weird Al Wednesday: The Saga Begins

Weird Al was instrumental in helping me get through most of my high school years without a date. To this day I still get strange looks from my beautiful wife when I belt out songs from his current album Straight Outta Lynwood. Even though I have been a life long fan of Weird Al, I [...]

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35% of ‘The 100 Best Products of the Year’ Free

PC World in all their wisdom have brought forth the Top 100 Best Products for 2008. Even though there are 7 fun fill months left in the year we can get the Best Products now, well in time for Christmas. Looking through the list I began to notice that there were a lot of ‘free’ [...]

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RSS Awareness Day

One of the joys of blogging is taking part in worthy causes and making others more aware of RSS is definitely worth a post. Not a day goes by that I do not explain what RSS is to someone. I was amazed at how few people knew about RSS, until I read that only 5.4% [...]

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Protect WordPress blog against SPAM

Trying to get my blog back into shape to handle comment and thus comment spam, I am was thrilled to read Michael Martine of Remarkablogger post Create a Comment Blacklist in WordPress – Download My List of Spam Words over at pureblogging.com. In his post, Michael shares his SPAM keywords for you and I to [...]

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From the back of the pack

It has been a while since I posted on SomeMakeMoney.com. There is no one reason to point at as to why I have been absent. The crazy thing is, I have kept up with a number of blogs through Google Reader. Yet, I have not found it in myself to contribute either via comment nor [...]

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How-to Carve a Pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern

Well, it seems as though I have been MIA for almost 2 months now. I will get to why in another post, but I wanted to get back to my blog and what better way than to share with everyone a site that is very relevant to this time of year. My 4 year old [...]

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College Football 2007 is here!

Well, it is officially here! College Football 2007! I love watching college football. There is just something about the student body getting behind their team. I try to watch every ESPN College Gameday on Saturday Mornings, although I am sure that my 4 year-old’s soccer games will conflict sometimes. I hope everyone enjoyed the opening [...]

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